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The loving mother love! This love who cannot forget!


A voice of one of the most splendid in the world, that is mother's call.


Collect each kind of desire, each hope, send to your deep care.


Gone through so many years, I deeply know, love me the person is you, mom.


Your pay, your hope, only for our growth. Thank you, mom.


The greatness of motherhood is not rational, but lies in the sort of intuitive feelings.


In such a season, give my sincere greetings to you, may happiness always by your side.


In the mother's eyes, the child is always a child in the child's mouth and mind, mother is god.


Your love is the noble love, only to give, not ask for, not back always, don't beg for kindness.


All the world's other are false and empty, only the mother is really, eternal, not quenched.


I was you, mom, a highly care bird around, today it take for you to a bouquet of fragrant flowers.


There is a love, life never requiting - a mother's love, there was a man worthy of your love life - the mother.


Mom, your daughter grew up, also understand, you can rest assured! No my days you will be more care of yourself!


Le fine hair on the forehead, can see pin-points silver, children, is my youth to pass on your body?


Mom your daughter grew up I also understand you can rest assured there is no my days you will be more care of yourself!


All the thoughts, endless gratitude and admiration more fusion, peace be to you during the holiday is permeated with bright.


I'm from home to a bird flying out of eaves, each feather growth of your affectionate caress and earnestly the teachings.


On mother's day today, wish mother good year after year, for a long and happy life don't worry, friend, wish mother good together.


Children his mama, usually is za father and son where your blessing, let za both of useful and moving day today, I will you.


Wife, festival happiness, the food I cooked for you, your love to eat bao you love to drink soup, waiting for you to go home. Love you!


Mom: this ten years you were laborious! Hope on this special day I sent you my special greetings! I wish: happy mother's day! Mom, I love you forever!


Gently a blessing, not the words of the heart, one short message bring my sincere greetings to you, actually I have been very miss you!


Today is you of festival, you have been in my world you are the boss, stresses the revolution, make production, our things you say! Dear, happy mother's day!


Mom: in a foreign land I can't give you a hand into a bunch of carnation, but this message a table after my own heart, I wish you health, joy and happiness.


Flowers bloom my CARES, clear spring flowing my thoughts; Sunshine is your kindness, breeze blowing your kindness; Mother's day I give you please a: mom good luck!


Mother's day is coming, mom, I wish you a happy holiday, your happiness is my biggest happiness! Your happy is my biggest happy! Wishing you happiness forever!


Mama: in order to I you black hair turned white, painstakingly. Today is your holiday. Mom, thank you! You were laborious! Will do my best to repay you my dearest mother!


Old mama, you wrinkles but is said the original had smile place, in my mind, you will always be the most beautiful. I wish you a happy holiday, health and happiness!


Grateful mother, is she gave me the most unselfish love, she is always worried about my food, clothing, shelter, line. Thank for a mother for giving me the concern of dribs and drabs.


Collect each kind of desire, each hope, send to your deep concern. In such a season, give my sincere greetings to you, may happiness always by your side. Happy mother's day!


Urgent notice: dear colleagues, to celebrate mother's day, unit organization everyone watching movie, led the two tickets per person, please speed after receipt of the notice to pick up!


Without you there is no me, no I dozens of years of sorrow, nor my spring, summer, autumn and winter laughter, thank you for giving me all the wonderful life and growth. Happy mother's day!


Gone through so many years, I deeply know, love me the person is you, mom. The numerous thoughts turns into heart to the infinite bless, silently pray for you, wish you healthy and happy!


Looking forward to your eyes, filled with children; Your hands, painting the happiness of tomorrow; Your happiness, is the biggest wish children; Mother's day, a greeting: I wish my mother healthy forever!


Mother, is you I was raised with little drops of the love, the future can you healthy and happy, for I will take a bit more time to accompany in your side, let the feeling of happiness in your heart!


You filar silk of caring palms, soles with your little of toil, and record sound the charge in the heart, the dream is full of your warm care, full blessing you, mother! I wish you a happy holiday!


Mother's hands are warm and soft, my mother's eyes bright and gentle, mother smiled kindly and brilliant, mum's words and considerate and caring, mother's love great and broad. Mother, children love you forever!


You sow sunshine for me and you to block rain for me. Grow up the road, other people are concerned about I fly high is not high, only you care about me tired not tired. Mother's day, wish mother happy holidays!


This text messages brings together the world's greatest love, health, happiness, peace, wealth is an organic whole, mother's day to forward this message, your mom will longevity and health, life happiness year after year.


Laundry cooking housework, busy all day without rest figure, unknown to public complaints never, for the son for the female life simple, mother on the occasion of the festival, children send sincere blessing I wish: mom, happy holidays!

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